The Anthem Guilds Might Not Make It To Launch

February 5, 2019 at 6:42 PM in Digital Download News with no comments

One Anthem feature, which is the Anthem Guilds will not be available when the game launches but is promised to follow. Ben Irving, the Lead Producer of Anthem shared a lengthy post on Anthem detailing how guild handling will be in the game and how the Alliance System will be in the game as well.

To start everything off, The Alliance System will be available when the game launches. Anthem does know that Guilds are very important to the game, so with that said, they are trying their best to set that up as soon as possible. Get to know how the traditional Guilds are different from the Alliance System.

“The Alliance system is a way for you and your friends to be rewarded for playing the game. Anytime you complete an expedition (Mission, Contract, Freeplay, Stronghold) you earn experience. That experience also goes into the Alliance system. Even better, the experience from the OTHER people in your group also goes into the alliance system. Even better STILL, players on your friends list who play without you – THEIR experience also goes into the Alliance System.

At the end of every week, you are awarded Coin (our in-game earned currency, used to purchase various items throughout the game) based on how much experience was contributed to the Alliance System. There are several tiers you can work through each week as well as a weekly cap. We want to encourage players to form friendships and play together and we’ve created the Alliance System to do just that!”

So from that, it seems as if an alliance is composed of the player as well as everyone that is in their friend’s list. But of course, players would have varied sets of friends so we’re not sure how that would work. We might get clarification before the game launches. Irving said that for the Guilds, they will give us more information when all of their plans are ready and “locked in”.

There were players who were already able to play the game through its demos. The VIP demo though had a lot of problems, mainly connection issues. But the open demo seemed to have done much better.

Anthem is set to launch on February 22, 2019, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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