The Climb VR Let’s You Experience Actual Climbing

April 29, 2016 at 12:11 PM in Gaming News with no comments

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Crytek’s The Climb VR will bring you to greater heights, literally!

The Climb VR was released on April 28, 2016, available exclusively for the Oculus Rift. This is a rock-climbing simulation set in the world of virtual reality. If you are afraid of heights, I bet you will conquer that fear with this game in no time.

The game offers a lot of different levels with absolutely stunning scenery with a touch of danger that comes with your climbs. Available locations for you are the rocky Alps, the huge rocks by the Bay as well as the steep rocky Canyon walls.

The primary game mode in the game is the Free Solo Mode. This will allow you to explore your surroundings which ever way you would want. There are a lot of ways to climb a rock, get creative…the main goal is for you to reach the top. Aside from the main game, get to discover the secret routes hidden in the game. Keep in mind though, that the scoring process is based on your time, so you can go sightseeing at another time or mode.

Know the other ways where in which you will be scored in the game as mentioned in the blog post of the game’s designer – Niklas Walenski.

“We score your performance in a range of different ways. Of course, time is probably the most obvious, and we think the competition will be really intense…But we also score you on your ‘flow’ across the range of other mechanics. Can you beat the stage without dying? Without chalking? Without rewinding? Did you climb smoothly? Did you use harder grip types? Did you do cool stuff like huge leaps or hold onto grips with the triggers just half-pressed, something pretty tricky to do? There’s a huge range of ways for you to improve your score on every level.”

If the daredevil in you wants more, try the two Bouldering Stages. These are shorter levels but is so much challenging compared to the Free Solo Mode. With this mode, you will have to scale boulders that will have tough grip placements and without the use of your chalk.

Just want to take in the view? The tourist mode in Free Solo Mode is perfect for you. No pressure, you can climb leisurely and enjoy the sights.

VR is kinda new so I bet you are curious on how the game would look like inside the Oculus Rift. Well, watch in HD and feast your eyes on this.