The Division 1.3 Update Now Available!

July 1, 2016 at 7:21 AM in Gaming News with no comments

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New The Division 1.3 update – Underground comes with free updates, new gear sets and incursions.

The first ever paid DLC for the Division is finally here. The Division 1.3 update – Underground has been made available for PC and Xbox One. Moreover, it comes with the new incursion called Dragon’s Nest, four new gear sets and a free update.

The Division Underground opens up a whole new underground operations. This will allow you to go and explore the randomly generated dungeons of New York. In addition to that, you will get a new mission with the new incursion – Dragon’s Nest. The four new gear sets are B.L.I.N.D., DeadEYE, FireCrest and Reclaimer. These will bring unique and powerful new talents as well as amazing bonuses. You can get all of these with the purchase of the expansion.

The 1.3 update does come with free stuff. It will have a new Heroic Mode which has two new missions available in Challenge Mode. These are namely the Hudson Refugee Camp and Queen’s Tunnel Camp. Free new weapon types will also come with this.

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