The Division Incursions: Additional Features and More for Free

April 7, 2016 at 5:36 AM in Gaming News with no comments

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The first Division Incursion will be released this coming April 12th.

This Division Incursion is a free content update that is made specially for squad play. This has been confirmed to be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Two Incursions are available and the first will be released on April 12. This specific incursion will reward the teams that are victorious in the matches with high level loot. The update will also bring about the loot-trading feature which allows you to exchange items with your teammates.

The first incursion is called Falcon Lost. The map that you will be playing in is an underground water treatment facility that has been used as a base for the Last Man Battalion.


You can expect to see these new changes and additional features in the launch of the update on April 12.

1. New Gear – Four new rare gear sets will be introduced. These sets are named: Sentry’s Call, Striker’s Battle Gear, Path of the Nomad, and Technician’s Authority. Each of these sets are meant to “bolster a specific play style”, according to Ubisoft.

2. Gear Score – While the level cap will still remain at level 30, the agent Gear Score will be able to boost agent abilities beyond the level cap.

3. Loot Trading – As mentioned, Incursions will allow players to trade loots with their squad mates; all they need to do is drop it to make it available for other players.

4. Assignments – These are new tasks/optional side quests that lets you earn Phoenix Credits, Division tech, and other rewards. Assignments are updated daily.

5. Supply Drops – While the Dark Zone already has its own action going on, Incursions will bring in Supply Drops which players can fight over.

6. Spectator Cam – Players will be able to “camera follow” their squad mates in the event that they die during the match.

7. Difficulty Modes – Two difficulty modes will be available in Falcon Lost: Hard Mode, for players with gear score that is equivalent to level 31, and Challenge Mode, which is the tougher mode. Another thing is that there won’t be any checkpoints in Falcon Lost, so players will have to start from the beginning if in case their team goes down. Players can also replay Falcon Lost and other Incursions as many times as they want and still get rewarded with new loot every time.

8. Aerial Enemies – Enemies will be able to employ drones which are pretty tricky to hit. Aside from that, players will face an armored personnel carrier that will test their tactical skills.

Expect another free update called Conflict that will be released in the future. This will add more features to the Dark Zone and will also add a new incursion in Columbus Circle. Three DLC’s will also be made available this year namely Underground, Survival and Last Stand.

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