The Division Official Trailer For The Survival Expansion Revealed

November 9, 2016 at 9:40 PM in Gaming News with no comments
The Division Official Trailer Cover

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Tom Clancy’s The Division official trailer for the up and coming Survival expansion is now available. The Division Survival is the second paid expansion available to the game. The expansion will bring its players to fight off extreme conditions like harsh weather and temperatures that reach below zero degrees, little available supply, as well as diseases. A 24-player mode is also included that will pit players against each other by starting with very little gear and battling it out with the elements to survive.

The map is located in the middle of Manhattan, your mission is to retrieve an important package. The chopper that you are on suddenly crashes and you are left to fend for yourself without any gear or weapons. While scavenging for items, you must manage your warmth, hunger, dehydration and sickness while fending off the enemies around you.

The same map is used for the expansion and it has additional hideouts. The environment might look different due to the heavy snowfall around it.

Watch The Division Survival Expansion trailer below:

There are three expansions slated for The Division, the first one is ‘Underground’, the second is ‘Survival’ and the third one is ‘Last Stand’ Survival was supposed to be launched last summer, however, some “lingering issues” had to be addressed pushing back the release date, same with Last Stand which is now scheduled for 2017.

If you have pre-purchased the season pass before November 3, the beta version of Survival is available to be played for PC only. This beta is available up until November 13 only.

The Division Survival expansion can be first experienced on PC and Xbox One along with the 1.5 patch. This is due to the marketing arrangement of Ubisoft and Microsoft. PlayStation 4 players will get the game a month after.

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