The Division Public Test Server Rescheduled To Another Date

September 14, 2016 at 7:23 PM in Gaming News with no comments
The Division

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The Division Public Test Server has been rescheduled, but no specific date yet.

Earlier in the month, a post in the forums of Ubisoft announced their Public Test Server as well as their update 1.4 for the Division. But a recent post by their community developer Hamish Bode posted that the hosting of the update 1.4 and public test server will be delayed. Saying that key elements must be added before they fully release it.

The Division Public Test Server

The whole post read as:

We mentioned last week on State of the Game that we would be hosting a Special Report for Update 1.4 tomorrow (Tuesday the 13th). We will need to delay this show as at this stage we wouldn’t be able to show all the content we would like to. While the Special Report format demands that we be more complete in the type of things that we show, we’ll be using our weekly State of the Game to give you some more concrete solutions that will be present in Update 1.4.

In other news, the PTS will not be available this Thursday as previously stated. After playing the new build with our Elite Task Force it became clear that we would have the PTS process be valuable for us in terms of feedback, we would need some more time to include key elements that are critical to the overall Update 1.4 experience.

Transparency is something that we know our community wants, and something that we aim to deliver everyday. In this instance, it does mean that we need to share our schedule and intentions that are subject to shifting throughout the process. The alternative of “leaving you in the dark” is not something we see as an option! We’re very eager to get this update out to all Agents while bringing you into the development process as much as we can and as soon as we have more information, we’ll let you know.

So far, no additional announcements were made, but we will keep you posted once information is available. spreadtheword-1


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