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Release date
September 20, 2018
Official website
The Voxel Agents
Adventure Puzzle

About this game

Join Arina and Frendt as they remember their time together as friends in The Gardens Between, a single-player adventure-puzzle game developed by The Voxel Agents, Travel to dream-like islands representing the various memories they had of each other, help them examine what their better sweet friendship meant to each other.

  • The Puzzles in The Gardens Between are smartly designed but aren’t complicated you can solve them by only using simple controls, no use of overcomplicated UI. the game itself is short and direct to the point it will typically take 2 hours to complete it all.
  • In order to clear each level, you have to reach the apex of the island, but the catch is that you can’t directly control them, you have to guide Arina and Frendt by manipulating time some actions in the world are permanent even if you rewind the past.
  • The game’s narrative is primarily conveyed visually no text and speech, using only visual cues and the game’s storybook-like aesthetic.


The Gardens Between is good enough to get you interested in what it has to say, and smart enough to know exactly what to bow out. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s the kind of game that’s aware enough of its limitations that it doesn’t need to be. Go into it expecting a fun little diversion rather than an all-time classic, and you should find just enough here to make it enjoyable.



Although a lot of The Gardens Between is focused on its narrative, it also has clever brain-teasing puzzles and an engaging world that will hold the interest of gamers looking for an immersive story as well as those who love a challenge


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