The Gears 5 Technical Client Is Available For Pre-Load Right Now

July 18, 2019 at 1:25 AM in Digital Download News with no comments
Gears 5  

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The downloads for the Gears 5 Technical Test Client has now been opened up by the Coalition. The client is huge at 14.5 GB so it is probably best to start the downloads now.

The technical test which is actually a closed beta is going to start tomorrow. Having your downloads started now will save you a lot of time when the client goes live. Get to watch the preview of what you can expect with the technical trailer below:


This technical test is not open to everybody. Those who can join must be active subscribers to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and those who were able to pre-order the game on PC and Xbox One. Those who joined can experience three different modes which are the Arcade, Escalation, and King of the Kill. Two maps will also be available and they are the District and Training Grounds. Other things that players are able to sample are Bootcamp and Tours of Duty.

As mentioned above the technical test is going live tomorrow which is July 19, this will start at exactly 10 AM PDT / 6 PM BST / 7 PM CEST. This will only run for three days and will end on July 22nd at 10 AM PDT / 6 PM BST / 7 PM CEST. Another technical test had been planned for the game which will run from the 26th up until the 29th with the same times as the first test.

Download the technical test client here. What you will need is the code that you received when you pre-ordered the game. For those playing on Xbox One, an active Xbox Live Gold subscription is needed.

Gears 5 will be launching on September 10 available for PC and Xbox One and has a cross play feature for both platforms.



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