The Granny Dragon Rider Is DOTA 2’s Next Hero

August 24, 2019 at 4:50 PM in Digital Download News with no comments
Dota 2: Snapfire

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During The International 2019, Valve was able to reveal the next hero that will be added to the game’s roster. She is actually, a grandma that rides a dragon and she is called Snapfire. She is an elderly woman, but don’t let her age catch you off guard, she does keep some really powerful firepower and her dragon although cute is really powerful as well.

Grandma Snapfire had been revealed via a cinematic trailer which you can watch below. There was no gameplay footage but we were still given a treat by seeing some of her in-game abilities. We are not that sure, but basing on the trailer, it does look like she can use cookies to bluff allies, has long-range abilities with her firearms and use her seemingly innocent dragon to spew hot lava on her enemies.

Get to watch the complete reveal trailer below:


One thing that caught our attention is how compact her camping gear is. She just gets to kick it and it will all be neatly packed away. Her dragon too, although cute to look at is quite dangerous with all that firepower. She does remind us of Toothless from Dreamwork’s How to Train Your Dragon.

We are able to enjoy Snapfire’s presence this fall. We’re quite sure that she will come in strong and will eventually be balanced out, as with all Dota 2 characters