The Last Of Us 2 Delayed | New Launch Date Unavailable!

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The Last Of Us 2 Delayed

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The Last Of Us 2 delayed indefinitely as announced by Sony and Naughty Dog. The developer Naughty Dog announced that the global crisis brought about by the coronavirus is hampering the launch experience that every player deserves from the game. In a tweet, the developers said, “We were bummed about this decision but ultimately understood it’s what’s best and fair to all of our players”. It has also been added that they are hoping for the delay to be short and that the team will have updates of further developments.

The Last Of Us Part 2 PS4

This is one of the most anticipated games around, so the news is definitely a hard hit to the game’s fans. The excitement for the game had been brought about by the first game The Last Of Us. This had been critically acclaimed and had been praised because of its narrative, gameplay, visuals, sound design, characterization, as well as the depictions of its female characters. There had also been other groundbreaking features of the game which won The Last Of Us the best-selling video game of all time. It was able to sell 1.3 million units in its first week and 17 million by April 2018. The game has also won multiple Game of the Year Awards.

This means that the second game should live up to the first, leaving the developers no room for errors.

The Last Of Us 2 is set 5 years after the first game. Players will be controlling Ellie where she and Joel make their return. The same musical composer of the first game will also grace us in the second. The story is being written by Druckmans as well as Halley Gross.

The Last Of Us 2 delayed launch date doesn’t have a new date as of yet, but we do know that it will be launching sometime this year for the PlayStation 4. Surely, the game will be worth the wait.


The Last Of Us 2

The Last Of Us Part II Trailer Is Revealed By Sony

  During the Sony PlayStation Experience Keynote event, The Last Of Us Part 2 trailer has been revealed. You can check out the information here!

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