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The Plane Effect Xbox Series Price Comparison

What Is the The Plane Effect Game Code?

It's a digital key that allows you to download The Plane Effect directly to your Xbox Series X from the Xbox Live.

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Release date
August 12, 2021
Official website
PQube Ltd
Adventure Indie 3D Futuristic

About this game

Solo is on his last day of work, the only thing on his mind right now is getting back home to his loving family, all that’s left now is to clock out for the day. He’s alone at the office this time of the day, Solo looks out the window and sees what looks like an otherworldly entity in the skies, he grabs his coat and goes on home. The Plane Effect is a walking simulator and puzzle game made by Innovina/StudioKiku. Solo slowly realizes that not everything is not normal the subway doesn’t work, and he has not seen any other human being in a while, all the more reason to get back home.

  • Explore the Kafkaesque and dystopic reality of Solo’s world the never-ending streets and elaborate landscapes, all in your quest to get back home no matter the cost.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of Solo, helped by the game’s often cinematic cut scenes with perfectly framed shots and a melancholic backing track.
  • Your journey might sometimes be stalled by an environmental puzzle, players who have the patience to solve these puzzles themselves can do it without any hints, but for those who lack the time and effort, there are options to decrease the difficulty by giving you hints once in a while.

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