Time To Play: The Basics of MOBA

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So you’ve always wanted to play an MOBA but have no clue on where to start. Well, fret not as we’ll be giving you the basics of an MOBA.

In a world where powerful heroes and villains are at constant battle with each other for power, it could be confusing as to where to start. Here we will help you decide on which battleground or side to pick as well as show you the top MOBA’s right now.


MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is a term that came from Riot Games describing the genre of their then latest game League of Legends (LoL). Even though LoL was the first to use the term MOBA, it is actually not the first MOBA game. The first one actually dates back to more than 2 decades ago.


Although other publishers have given the genre their own names, MOBA is the only name that has really stuck with gamers.


Usually, there are two opposing teams in an MOBA. Each team would have about five players each. The main goal is to destroy the main structure in the enemy base.

An individual character is controlled by each player. As the game progresses, the character becomes stronger and will have access to different skills. Each character usually plays a specific role in their team. Their roles are based on the skills and stats that the possess. Reaching a certain level will give your character access to their “Ultimate” which is their most powerful skill.


The usual three types of characters are “Carry, “Tank”, and “Support”. The ‘Carry’ has huge DPS amounts (damage per second) valves, they are the main damage dealers on the team. The ‘Tank’ on the other hand concentrates on defense, they have huge amounts of HP (hit points) as well as skills that boost defenses. Tanks, usually take most of the damage dealt by the enemies to your team. The third type is the ‘Support’. Supports assists other characters in the team. They have highly specialized skills that are highly beneficial in clashes. Sometimes other characters will have more than one type depending on how they are played.

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If you’re new to MOBA’s it might be a good idea to start with a character that has a ranged attack and only one or two active skills.

You and your team will be joined by ‘creeps’. These are weaker computer controlled units that spawn from your base. They usually follow a pre-programmed path to attack the enemy base.

As a strategic defense, ‘Towers’ are placed along the pre-programmed paths of the ‘creeps’. These towers must be destroyed in order for the creeps to be within range of the enemy bases.

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These towers are really strong so make sure to stay out of their attack range while your character is weak.

Bases are usually found at the opposing corners of the game map. Creeps are able to follow three main paths leading to the enemies base. These pre-set paths are called lanes. Top, middle (mid), and bottom is used to refer to these lanes depending on your location.

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If you are new, it is a good idea to take the ‘Safe’ lane. The safe lane is the longest lane for your team where creeps often clash closer to your tower. Since you are closer to the tower, you are relatively safer from enemy surprise attacks or ganks.

As mentioned earlier, the main goal is to destroy the enemy structure. However, to get there, you must kill enemy creeps in order for your characters to get more experience points and gold. Having enough experience points is crucial for your character to level up and have access to more powerful skills. Gold is used to purchase items that you can use to boost your stats or even get additional skills. Your chances of winning in the game are higher if you have powerful characters.

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MOBA’s are team games. Although it is essential that you level up your character and equip it with the right items, you must also consider whether your allies are getting enough gold and experience too. The amount of gold your character should get often depends on the role it plays in your team.

In playing an MOBA, there are things that you have to put into consideration as a team. You must think about the synergy each team members have with each other, roles of each character, the lanes to take, all these things must be well thought of to ensure victory. It is a learning process, as you play more matches and understand each character indepthly. The most important thing is teamwork to get that victory.

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Make sure to tell your teammates when an enemy hero is missing from your lane as this might save them from a possible gank. They’ll definitely thank you for it.


There is more to learn about MOBA’s. Hopefully, the basics could help you in the start of your gaming journey with MOBA’s. The best way to learn is to try one out for yourself.

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We’ve listed some MOBA’s that you could try. These are great games that will introduce you to the MOBA mechanics before you jump right into the hard-hitting stuff.

Is there anything that you would want to add or correct? What are your thoughts about the MOBA scene? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.