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There’s a long wait to get the PS5, and if you are one of the lucky ones, you may already have your hands on one. You may also have already experienced some of the initial problems with the console.

The next-generation console launched on November 12 and 19 and as predicted the demand for it is higher than what has been supplied, hence the long wait.

The initial problems of the console are minor and since there are no fixes for it yet, we have the workarounds for it, so that you can still enjoy playing while waiting for it to be patched up.


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Turn Off the Sleep Mode

PS5 Rest Mode

The PS5 comes with a sleep mode just like with the PS4, however, with the PS5 sometimes putting it on sleep mode won’t let you turn it back on again.

When this happens, you must completely shut off your PS5 by pressing and holding the power button. This will reboot the system and a self-diagnosis will begin. For right now, we suggest that you avoid sleep mode completely.

To stop the console from automatically shutting down, go to the “System” tab then select “Save Energy”.


Make Sure To Download The Correct Version of the Game

Black Ops Cold War PS5

The PS5 doesn’t automatically download the version of the game that is meant for it, unlike the Xbox Series X|S. You have to manually choose which version to download.

To choose the correct version, you must go to your library and choose which game to install and click on the three dots to “Download”. A menu will open and from there, then you can choose which version to download.

The PS4 versions will have “PS4” added at the end of the game name. The PS5 version will just have the name of the game.


Game and Score Transfers

Game App Settings PS5

As marketed, those who also own a PS4 can directly transfer their games to PS5. However, we suggest not doing this over the wireless local area network (WLAN) if the data is big, you would have to wait several hours to finish.

A faster method is to use a LAN cable. Connect it to both devices, go to settings, choose “System”, then click on “System Software” then “Data Transfer”. This could cut a huge part of the wait time

Make sure that you are logged in on the same account on the two systems. Transfers cannot be done between two different users.

Another option is to use a USB stick to transfer the data or download it from a cloud to the PS5.


Storage Saving Tips

PS5 Storage

The PS5’s memory is just about 667 GB which we know is not enough, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War alone can already take up 150 GB.

Right now, the next-gen console is having trouble with external hard drives, so you have to think hard about the games that you would want to install.

A quick tip on saving a little disk space is by disabling the automatic recording of trophy videos. Although it may not be a lot, but disabling it for the time being until you are able to get more disk space will help out a lot in the long run.

You just have to go to the settings menu, choose “Record and Transfer” then deactivate “Save Trophy Videos”.


Turn Off the Dualsense Controller Mic

DualSense Controller

The microphone on the DualSense controller is turned on by default when you start up the console.

To turn it off, press the small button in between the analog sticks, an icon will appear in the upper right corner of your screen to signal that it is turned off.

Also, the led light will be yellow to indicate that the mic is deactivated. You can also mute the complete audio output of the PS5 by pressing and holding the same small button for about a second.

Set Trigger Effect

Accessories PS5 Setting

One of the best features of the DualSense controller is its adaptive triggers. But some may feel that the standard setting is a bit too strong.

If you are not comfortable with the standard settings of the triggers, you can change it by going to “Settings” then “Accessories” then “Controller”. Look for the “Intensity of the Trigger Effect” and chance the sensitivity or you can turn it off completely here.


Set Preferences For Games

Saved Data Game App Settings

Set your game preferences like favoring a certain game for higher performance and resolution by going to “Settings” then to “Saved Data and Game/App settings”, then choose “Game Presets”.


Make Sure That You Have Good Ventilation for the PS

PS5 Ventilation

As compared to the PS4, the PS5’s fan is quieter but that doesn’t mean that you can stuff the console inside a cramped space. Make sure that it is about 10 centimeters away from anything that will obstruct air coming in and air going out via the exhaust.

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