Titanfall 2 Single Player Campaign Features Jack and Titan BT

August 13, 2016 at 5:53 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Titanfall 2


A Titanfall 2 single player campaign has been revealed!

Respawn headquarters has recently invited the members of the press to have the very first preview of the game’s story. During this time the people of Respawn took the chance to introduce the main characters: Jack Cooper and BT-7274 or just BT for short.

The campaign will introduce you to Jack Cooper. He really isn’t an official Titan pilot, just an ordinary soldier because of some circumstances. However, he was able to train as one  since he knows someone in authority that could help him. He and his coach then train in secret. One day, on a mission, Jack, and his coach finds themselves in trouble on a jungle planet. The alien inhabitants attack them and Jack finds himself on the verge of dying. His coach then, without a choice authorizes Jack to pilot Titan BT-7274. And this where both Jack and BT’s adventure together begins.

Titanfall 2 Character

Definitely something fresh from the Titanfall franchise. We are excited to see and experience Jack and BT’s story. You can watch a quick video of the campaign’s gameplay here:

Just a couple of months from now, we can all get a hold of Titanfall 2! This is it, guys, the launch will be on October 28, 2016.



Live Stream For Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Unveiled Next Week

Titanfall 2 multiplayer will be streamed live this coming August 16th. The live feed will come from Cologne, Germany from the GamesCom 2016 event.