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Build your dungeon and create your Army in Dungeons 2. Take on Dungeon Lord’s quest for vengeance by recruiting horrifying new monsters from the underworld in order to undertake his evil plans. Take over the underworld and crush the puny humans in an attempt to conquer the Overworld.

Take control of the mighty Dungeon Lord and create your own dungeon. In Dungeons 2, you must build an army of terrifying creatures and assume control over two new factions. Defend your Kingdom against those annoying heroes, go to the land above, and declare war on their human cities.

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This game features a great campaign story mode that is packed with even more of the dark humour which is the signature of the first Dungeons game and is in line with numerous references to several fantasy books, movies and TV shows. You can also test your strength in four different game modes in multiplayer for up to four players with other Dungeon Lords over LAN or online. It is by far an awesome game and is definitely worth checking out.


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Featuring a thrilling single player campaign with 2 playable factions, 26 unique creatures, multiple types of heroes and game modes, Dungeons 2 is the Dungeon Manager simulation game, you’ve been waiting for

Dungeons 2 offers unique gameplay: In the underworld, Dungeon manager simulation, and in the overworld, tactical real-time strategy

Thanks to the ‘Hand of Terror’ you can always keep control of your subordinates and give targeted commands

Leave the darkness of the underworld, and venture to the overworld and leave the beautiful cities of the humans in ruins

Four competitive multiplayer modes for up to four players via LAN and Internet

System Requirements

MINIMUM: OS: Windows Vista (SP2) 32bit Processor: AMD or Intel, 3GHz Dual-Core or 2.6 GHz Quad-Core Memory: 3 GB RAM Graphics: Intel HD4400, NVIDIA GeForce GT 440/GT 650M, AMD Radeon HD 7750/R5 255M Hard Drive: 5 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible soundcard
RECOMMENDED: OS: Windows 7 x64 (SP1) Processor: AMD Quad-Core @ 3.8 GHz or Intel Quad-Core @ 3.2 GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: AMD Radeon R7 265 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Hard Drive: 5 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible soundcard