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December 22, 2014 at 12:51 PM in Deal of the Day with 5 comments

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Rugby 15 is the newest rugby union game developed by HB Studios and published by Big Ben Interactive. The game features a dynamic gameplay where players can select the weather for their matches for example; wind direction will play a huge role in every game. Players also get to play with teams from prestigious leagues such as Aviva Premiership Rugby. The game also features a more realistic animation and character movement, thanks to the power of Motion Capture.

The game also promises a more challenging game experience through its dynamic AI which adapts to a player’s style of play and the current situation in the game.




  • Play as all of the official Aviva Premiership Rugby, TOP 14, PRO D2 and Pro12 teams in THE best rugby simulation.
  • Experience all the emotions of a real match with the players, jerseys and official statistics of the 2014-2015 season and commentary by Stuart Barnes and Miles Harrison.
  • Whether you are an expert or casual fan of rugby, the controls are adapted to your style of play, so you can make all the moves: sidesteps, hand-offs, pop passes, shoulder charges, grubber kicks, drop goals, tackles…
  • All the rugby tactics are here: manage your team before and after matches, choose between kicking for touch, pick and go and tap kicks, change your formation in real time and try an overlap or an up and under…
  • For the first time in a rugby video game, carry out technical moves like cross passes, up-and-unders and behind-the-back passes
  • Take part in lots of tournaments and championships, or create your own and select the rules you want!
  • A game developed by HB Studios, sport game experts (Madden NFL, FIFA…) and creators of Rugby World Cup 2011