Top Selling Games On Steam For The Year 2018

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Top Selling Games on Steam in 2018

The top selling games on Steam has been posted by Valve every year and it has long been a yearly tradition. The thing is, they don’t really say how much each game totaled but the list is a great way to pinpoint the most popular game that has made the list this 2018.

We have provided for you the list of games available in three categories which are Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Along with the list of games are their prices available through us here at

Steam Top Sellers 2018




Do take note that the games listed are actually in no particular order. This is because Valve did not actually say how much each game made on Steam. The list also doesn’t include the free-to-play games as well as the Bronze Category. You are able to view the complete list through this link.

The list is quite astonishing as some games are older but still is selling well despite the launch of new titles. If you are wanting to play a game come this new year. The list provided is a great way to pick out the best games. You can also get the best rates through us which we’ve provided in the list as well.

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