Torchlight 3 Critics Review Round Up!

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Torchlight 3 Critics Review

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We have for you the Torchlight 3 critics review round up! The game has launched on Steam’s Early Access and some reviews are already out for it.

Right now the game’s rating on Steam is Mixed. Checking on the reviews it does come with both positive and negative reviews about it.

Jordan Devore of said this about first looking at the Steam reviews about the game, “One glance at the Steam user reviews paints a grim picture; that’s what happens when a (currently) online-only sequel to a popular series come out of the gate with server issues. For my part, I didn’t start playing Torchlight 3 until Monday – by that point, at least for me, the connection issues weren’t as prevalent.

“The thing is, It’s not just disconnects. While I initially thought people were being too hard on the game (and some of the knee-jerk reaction undoubtedly were), there are also fundamental design concerns.”

The highlight of what Devore thinks about the game is, “Generally speaking, for better or worse, Torchlight 3 is streamlined, accessible, and quick to the point.”

Right now, with the game’s Early Access state, Devore said, “Is Torchlight 3 worth playing? For most people – even longtime fans – probably not.”

Torchlight 3 Critics Review

Bree Royce of shares that a lot of people are currently upset because the game was initially intended to be free-to-play but when it launched on Steam Early Access it had been priced at $30.

Royce writes, “For MMO players, there’s a bit of befuddlement over how to feel about the whole thing, given that Torchlight III, then called Torchlight Frontiers, was marketed as an MMORPG to MMORPG players for several years before being turned into more of a smaller-scale multiplayer online title in the middle of its test run. Whether that set expectations too high for this early access remains to be seen.’s Codrut Nistor’s review focused on the negatives saying, “Since I played both Torchlight and Torchlight II and I enjoyed them, I had big expectations from the third installment in the series. Sadly, it looks like Torchlight III is still far from what it should be.”

Torchlight 3 Critics Gameplay  

Christopher Livingston of had something positive to say about the game stating, “In Torchlight 3 you’ll never find loot that you can’t use immediately (at least I haven’t yet). In the other Torchlight games, you might find a weapon you couldn’t equip until your strength or dexterity was at a certain level, and that could be a bit annoying. At the same time, I like being able to put points into my characters themselves instead of being a person (or robot) comprised entirely from a pile of gear and skills.

Livingston further adds, “But much as I love my destructive little robot, and I am having fun battling mobs of goblins and skeletons, it’s hard not to feel a little disappointed by how much seems to be missing from Torchlight 3 right now.”

As mentioned earlier, Torchlight 3 is in Early Access as of the moment, which means that there is a whole lot of room for the game’s improvement. So even though the game’s reviews are Mixed and are currently focusing on the negative, those could change once the game is ready for its full launch.



Torchlight 3 Frontiers

Torchlight Frontiers Has Changed into Torchlight 3


The previously announced free-to-play shared-world spin-off of the Torchlight series called Torchlight Frontiers has changed into Torchlight 3 as announced by Echtra Games. The game is now being overhauled into an ARPG just like the previous Torchlight games.

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