Total War Three Kingdoms Critic’s Review Round Up

May 23, 2019 at 1:49 AM in Digital Download News with no comments
Total War Three Kingdoms  

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Today is the launch of a new entry to Creative Assembly’s long-running strategy series Total War. The game is Total War Three Kingdoms which brings its players to ancient China where different factions are struggling for power. Find out what the critics have to say to Creative Assembly’s adaptation of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


“Three Kingdoms feels like the rightful evolution of the series, pulling from its roots in historical military tactics to come up with an engrossing modern strategy game that is always a delight, even in its less well-oiled moments.”

– Ginny Woo


“Beyond best-in-setting and best-in-franchise, Total War: Three Kingdoms is a game that instantly contends for best of the year, or best in its genre.”

– Rowan Kaiser

PC GAMER — 78/100

“When you zoom in close on the right details, whether it’s two generals duelling or an enemy turning the vassal system against you, it’s grand.”

– Jody Macgregor

IGN — 9.3/10

“Total War: Three Kingdoms uses excellent pacing and strong character mechanics to create a consistently exciting and challenging historical strategy campaign.”

– TJ Hafer


“With strict historical adherence out the window and a bit of a streamlined tactical combat experience, Three Kingdoms still has a lot to offer the strategy enthusiast.”

– Daniel Tack

WCCFTECH — 10/10

“Total War: Three Kingdoms is as close to flawless as you’ll find, with a fantastic balance of 4X strategy and character-focused development and emergent storytelling.”

– Chris Wray

MIRROR — 4/5

“With so much to take in and discover the Three Kingdoms makes for not only a fantastic historical experience but is one of Creative Assembly’s best turn-based grand strategy games to date.”

– Aodhan Gregory

And there you have it folks! The game has definitely lived up the hype. So many of the game’s critics agree that Total War Three Kingdoms is the best of the series. I’m pretty sure you’re convinced to buy this game, now why don’t you head on over here to get the best rates for the game!


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