Total War Three Kingdoms New Battle Spotlight Features Extreme Unit Sizes

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Total War Three Kingdoms

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Creative Assembly shared a Total War Three Kingdoms new Battle Spotlight and it features what fans are asking for for a long time which is the increase of unit sizes. In the video, we get to see Wheels and Guy, the representatives of Creative Assembly talk about how this request was implemented in the game.

Previously, the unit sizes by default for the Records Mode are slightly larger as compared to the Romance Mode. Now different options are available and players can modify the unit sites with the new settings. The largest unit size in the settings is called Extreme and it allows up to 50% more soldiers. The usual cavalry units which is 60 is now 240 with this setting.

Get to watch the Battle Spotlight below:


And of course, changing unit sizes will affect how they are played in the battlefield as Wheels and Guy explains. Some pros and cons of having longer units are that they are very effective at blocking choke points but since they take up much more space in the battlefield, it is harder to maneuver them. Creative Assembly does warn newbies to the game and that to only choose extreme unit sizes when they are already experienced in the regular settings.

Another thing is that bigger units would mean longer fights. You must take into consideration that when you have more soldiers, there will be an increase in ranks, which means that the percentage of actual soldiers could go down during battle.

This is why an option in the UI Quick Menu allows players to optimize the UI for being able to command huge unit sizes.

Total War Three Kingdoms will be launching on May 23rd available for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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