Tropico 6 Closed Beta Patch Notes And Road Map Revealed

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Tropico 6

Kalypso Media was able to share with us their Tropico 6 closed beta patch notes as well as their future plans for the game with a Road Map.

For the game’s developmental road map for the month of February, we should expect a multiplayer mode, a new mission as well as a lot of improvements. For the March update, there will still be a lot of improvements plus a Random Map Generator.

Tropico 6 Beta Development

A complete changelog is also available for the Tropico 6 closed beta update and it can be found on their Steam page but the highlights for it can be seen below:

Features and Improvements

  • Added a new campaign mission to the beta: “Better Red than Dead”
  • Various map adjustments/polishing and mission balancing. For example:
    • “Speakeasy”: Lowered the number of arrested criminals required to complete mission tasks.
    • “Nido De Iguanas”: Added additional beach sites; smoothed out uneven terrain.
    • “Fuego Aislado”: Fixed some regions where it was impossible to place a dock; fixed hard to reach mineral deposits.
    • Rivers now show a direction of flow.
  • Added a special island for customization, which can be opened from the main menu.
  • Citizens’ interactions (e.g. “Arrest”) will be carried out much more quickly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed over 30 crashes to increase stability.
  • Fixed over 70 pathfinding issues, such as agents getting stuck, walking on water, boats clipping, not using metros efficiently, etc.
  • Fixed over 200 bugs.


  • Removed the height level restriction of metro stations.
  • Increased the overall transportation speed of the metro.
  • Removed fixed duration and cooldown from the “Child Allowances” edict.
  • Trade routes with smugglers will now have a negative impact on the standing with superpowers in all eras.

UI Improvements

  • Added new Trade menu.
    • All available trade offers are now collected on one page.
    • The game offers ways to filter through the list of available offers to easily and quickly find the trade route that players are looking for.
    • Players can now choose the volume of a trade route before signing it.
  • Added a “Goods & Prices” overview to the Trade menu. Players can now see the standard export/import costs of every good and see available and running trade routes for individual goods.
    • Added an option on “Goods & Prices” to enable or disable automatic export of individual goods.

Improvements to the Warfare

  • Fixed Tropicans stopping going to work during an ongoing attack, even if their workplace was not attacked.
  • Removed the work modes from military buildings. Offensive or defensive behavior of military squads will now be set with the action buttons on the
  • building info window.
  • Soldiers will now prefer to defend buildings that are actually under attack.
  • Fixed cases of squads facing the wrong direction during combat.
  • Fixed military units stacking on top of each other during combat.
  • Fixed soldiers shooting in wrong directions.
  • Increased the damage of units and made overall combat faster.
  • Balanced the upgrade prices of military buildings.
  • Balanced the aircraft carrier.
  • Added muzzle flash visual effect.

Tropico 6 is set to launch on March 26, 2019, and can be played on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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