Two New Civs In Civilization 6 Rise and Fall Expansion

By Veena on December 13, 2017 Gaming News with No Comments


Civilization 6 Rise and Fall expansion by Firaxis is bringing two additional civs to the game. The two civs are the Koreans and the Dutch. Both had been announced separately, with the Dutch civilization being teased through a Dutch TV show called RTL Boulevard. The Korean civilization, on the other hand, was announced through a video trailer.

Civilization 6 Rise and Fall


Queen Wilhemena is the ruler of the Dutch civilization, she was able to do this through both World Wars. During World War II, she was able to organize and encourage both the Dutch civilians and resistance fighters from London through the Radio Oranjie. This move of hers made her well known. Her ascension was in 1980 and her abdication was in 1948.

The unique ability of Queen Wilhemena is the Radio Oranjie as said in the teaser. The unique upgrade for the Dutch civ is called Polander This civ will also come with the windmills of the Netherlands which is very iconic.


Queen Seondeok is the ruler of the Korean civ. She was able to reign for about 15 years. In the game, the queen will be ruling over Seowon, this is actually an upgrade to the Campus which will actually provide a fixed yield of science. The Korean civ’s unique ability will grant bonus science to mines and bonus food to farms and it is called Three Kingdoms.

Korea will also have a unique unit which is called the Hwacha. This is a mobile ballista that is mounted on a two-wheeled cart. It can launch 100 rocket arrows as well as 200 Chongtong bullets. More info about this civ is available below.

Civilization 6 Rise and Fall expansion is available for PC and will launch on February 8, 2018.