UNDYING Launches for Early Access on Steam

October 19, 2021 at 9:11 PM in Gaming News with no comments

UNDYING an upcoming zombie survival game will be launching on Steam’s Early Access before Halloween.

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Developer Vanimal’s zombie survival game UNDYING will have your emotions go on a roller coaster ride.

Players will be stepping into the shoes of a mother named Anling. She has been bitten by a zombie and is slowly turning into one. However before she completely turns into one, she would need to make sure that her son Cody is safe and is able to survive the zombie-infested world.

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Anling would have to protect her son as well as teach him the necessary skills in order to live.

Management is a big part of the game too! Players would have to make sure that Anling and Cody’s hunger and thirst are not on dangerous levels. You would also get limited resources to slow down Anling’s infection.

The different skills include combat, crafting, cooking and more. The resources are not easily available which means that scavenging is a big part of the game too.

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Will you be able to set Cody up before you completely turn into a zombie?


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