Upcoming Blair Witch Game Shares Raw Gameplay Footage

July 26, 2019 at 8:34 AM in Digital Download News with no comments
Blair Witch  

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During the Microsoft E3 press conference in June, Bloober Team announced their upcoming Blair Witch game which is based on the movie that launched in the 90’s. The announcement made a lot of people feel that it was able to capture the original atmosphere of the movie. We get to have the very first look at its gameplay all thanks to Game Informer.

The whole gameplay video is about 11 minutes long and it comes with the commentary of the Game Informer team. The game does look interesting and very frightening. The dog that accompanies you also makes the game enticing. Get to watch the complete gameplay trailer below:


The developers behind this game are actually also the ones responsible for the game Observer. If you have a quick eye, then you will notice a reference for the game Observer in the gameplay video at 1:34 mark. As compared to the game Observer, Blair Witch will actually have some type of combat in the game that is interesting because it is a first for the Bloober Team. The strange twig-like creatures can be burned by your torch.

The dog companion in the game named Bullet can be interacted with in different ways, one of which is that you are able to pet him, A camcorder is also available in the game (just like in the movie). This adds a curious mechanic to the game as it can keep you in constant contact with your team as well as distract you in the game.

Blair Witch will be launching on August 30th for PC and Xbox One.