Valheim Mods That You Definitely Need

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Valheim is a great open-world game and we are obsessed! Here, we are sharing with you the best mods that you would need to make your gameplay even more fun!

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What Is a Mod?


A Mod is short for “Modification”. It lets players customize their gameplay by making it easier, more fun, or more challenging. Mods let players add new features and options to the game.


Valheim Mods


Right now, Valheim doesn’t really have official support mods through the Steam Workshop, but you can still get them.

Note: It is strongly recommended to back up your game before adding any mods.


How To Install Valheim Mods


There are two ways to install the mods: manually or via the mod manager.

Note: We highly recommend Vortex Manager on

If you are not familiar with Nexusmods, it is actually one of the biggest provider of mods. All you would have to do is create an account on their website and you will be able to download the mods that you need easily.

Here is the link to the Vortex Manager Download.

First, download and install the Vortex program. Then you must allow the program to manage Valheim’s “Games” tab. There would be additional settings to be downloaded.


Valheim Plus

Valheim Plus or V+ adds quality of life improvements to the game like modifying players, stats, buildings, and entities. The game’s general experience as well as the game’s difficulty can also be changed.

Check out the complete list of features for the Valehim Plus at Valheim Nexus here.

Valheim Plus Mod

Image Source: Nexusmods

Key Features:


  • Change regeneration and stamina consumption.

  • Change food duration

  • Change carry load

  • Screen shakes removed

  • Portals disabled

Play Hud:

  • Red screen flash when getting damaged disabled
  • When crafting or building, the number of items in the inventory will now be shown.

Game Difficulty:

  • Difficulty multipliers can now be applied to change the damage and health of enemies
  • Difficulty calculation can be set in the specific player count.

Github mod page: Download Valheim Plus from Github


Equipment and Quick Slots 2.0


This mod gives equipped items their own inventory slots that are separate plus it brings additional quick slots via hotkeys.

This helps with inventory management especially for those who are playing solo.

You can install the Equipment and Quick Slots at Valheim Nexus here.

This is what the mod looks like in your inventory.

Valheim Inventory

Image Source: Nexusmods

Download Equipment and Quick Slots 2.0:


Unrestricted Portals


The unrestricted portals permit the moving of resources through the portals. When you are grinding, these portals are amazing since they can transport items that are blacklisted.



  • Items can become restricted
  • Items can become unrestricted
  • Individual items can become restricted
  • Individual items can become unrestricted

You can find the Unrestricted Portals at Valheim Nexus here.


Did you know?

You are able to transport items by boat by hauling them at the back of your ship. You can watch a video of that below and it is entitled: “Waterskiing in Valheim with a cart and longship”.



Download Unrestricted Portals:


Craft Build Smelt Cook Fuel Pull From Containers


Craft Build Smelt Cook Fuel Pull From Containers

Players are able to get items from the nearby containers whenever they are cooking, crafting, or smelting.

This saves a lot of time because you wouldn’t have to go back and forth to get the items that you need.

Get to know more about the Craft Build Smelt Cook Fuel Pull From Containers mod here.

  Valheim Fuel


  • Get to see the resources available in the containers nearby in your crafting menus.
  • The total amount of available resources in the nearby containers can be seen in the resource requirement.

Download Craft Build Smelt Cook Fuel Pull From Containers:


Planting Plus


This mod will have players growing crops and planting different resources. You also have the space to bring them to life via their native biomes.

Resources that you can place are:

  • Raspberry Bushes
  • Blueberry Bushes
  • Cloudberry Bushes
  • Thistle Spawns
  • Birch Saplings
  • Oak Saplings
  • Ancient Saplings

The full description of the mod is available here at Planting Plus at Valheim Nexus.

Valheim Planting Plus

Image Source: Nexusmods

Note: You are only limited to plant turnips, carrots and a few trees

Download Planting Plus:




Save and load constructions that you have made and get to share them with other players.


  • Save and load builds
  • Conceptualize before building
  • Undo builds
  • Debuild in a certain radius.

Know more about the BuildShare (AdvancedBuilding) – Valheim at Valheim Nexus mod here.

Valheim Buildshare

Image Source: Nexusmods

Check out the written guide of the mod at How to Save and Import Valheim Builds with BuildShare.


Download BuildShare:




Tame any creature with AllTameabe like trolls and sometimes even bosses. You would even get to hatch an egg with a drake that you have tamed.

Get to know more about the AllTameable with Hatchable DragonEgg at Valheim Nexus mods here.

Valheim Alltameable

Image Source: Nexusmods

Download AllTameable:


First Person View


Play the game in a first-person view with all its charm and experience.

You can find the mods and overview of the First-Person View at Valheim Nexus mod here.

Valheim First Person

Image Source: Nexusmods

Download First-Person View:




Some mods in the list may need additional files for it to work, and you can download them here:

Note: Read all instructions and carefully follow them when installing.




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