Wanted: Dead Collector’s Edition Inclusions

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Wanted: Dead has launched and if you are interested in the game’s Collector’s edition, we have the details for you.

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Key Facts

  • Wanted: Dead is brought to us by the same makers of Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden
  • The game is a hybrid slasher shooter that lets you play as a part of Hong Kong’s Zombie unit trying to unveil a conspiracy
  • The Wanted: Dead Collectors Edition comes with a steelbook, artbook and soundtrack.



Wanted: Dead is brought to us by the makers of Ninja Gaiden and it is a hybrid slasher/shooter. You will be playing a part of an elite Hong Kong police squad called the Zombie Unit.

  Wanted: Dead Gameplay  

If you would want the game’s Collector’s edition we have got you covered with what it includes.

Wanted: Dead Collector’s Edition Items:

  • Wanted: Dead
  • 116-page Hardcover Design Works Artbook
  • Wanted: Dead Steelbook
  • Official soundtrack CD with 20 tracks
  • Zombie Unit Magnet
  • Set of 3 Postcards
  • Collector’s Edition Box with all Exclusive Content

Wanted: Dead is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.




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