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WARTILE Xbox One Digital & Box Price Comparison

What Is the WARTILE Game Code?

It's a digital key that allows you to download WARTILE directly to your Xbox One from the Xbox Live.

How Can I Find the Lowest Price for WARTILE on Xbox One?

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Release date
March 24, 2020
Official website
Playwood Project
DECK13 Spotlight
Strategy Action RPG Board Game Medieval

About this game

Control your tribe and annihilate your enemies! Wartile is a Norse mythology-inspired strategy tabletop game in which you control a group of Viking figurines in a miniature universe. Find your strength and defy the will of the Gods!

  • A miniature world coming to life: Enjoy this living, breathing tabletop video game that invites the player into a miniature universe full of small adventures set in beautifully handcrafted diorama battle boards inspired by Norse mythology to honor the Vikings!
  • Cool-down-based combat: Wartile is a cool-down-based game that keeps the action flowing, with ample opportunities to plan your moves. Although it contains the strategic elements from turn-based games, a mixture of slow down features and cool-down based gameplay maintains the tension of battle while allowing for breathing room to make tactical decisions. At its heart, Wartile is a game about positioning and tactical decision-making.
  • Control the pace of battle: With Slow Time always available you can control the speed of the fight giving you an advantageous tactical benefit in critical situations where every action counts.
  • Collect, level up, and customize figurines: Collect and level up an array of different figurines. Customize your Warband with armor pieces, weapons, unique combat abilities, and set up your deck of Battle Cards, to provide a choice of tactical options before they embark on each quest.


With its handcrafted aesthetic and unique combat offering a new spin on traditional tabletop battles, Wartile on Xbox One offers up something quite refreshing. Despite the maps not being the biggest there is a lot crammed into them and exploring offers plenty of rewards.



Contains the following:

  • Wartile (base game)
  • Wartile – Yggdrasil Pack: Contains Battle Card “Fire Trap”, Battle Card “Seed of Growth”, World Board them “Yggdrasil”
  • Wartile Item Pack: Showcases fantastic items like Heirloom Axe, Heirloom Shield
  • Wartile Hel’s Nightmare (DLC): new exciting battlefields, added unlockble Viking heroes, discover unique items and battle action cards!

Wartile – Hel’s Nightmare

Contents and Features

  • Enjoy five (5) new custom-designed diorama battlefields – A new variety of battle boards each made with unique design and style
  • New unlockable Viking – Play Ogier the Dane a strong two-handed weapon wielding champion
  • Added Four (4) new Action Cards – Unlock new action cards to spice up things up in Wartile
  • Added Eight (8) new Unique Items – Collect weapons and armor with magical powers changing the pace and balance of the game
  • Two (2) new Power Tokens – Enhance the abilities your Vikings with the secret powers of the Norse Gods!
  • New Draugr armor set – Gear up as the undead horde from the underworld.

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There are 3 offers ranging from $18.95 to $26.99.

XBOX ONE GAME CODE : Use the Digital Code received by mail in your Xbox One account to download WARTILE Xbox One from the Xbox Live. Internet connection is required. Please read the store description about any language or region restrictions.
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