Get To Know The Characters Of Watch Dogs 2

July 30, 2016 at 1:11 AM in Gaming News with no comments
Watch Dogs 2 Cover


You will get to play a new set of characters in Watch Dogs 2.

The sequel to Watch Dogs will soon be in the market – Watch Dogs 2. This has been announced by Ubisoft in the recently concluded E3 event. The game will be introducing a new protagonist who will be joined by his crew of new and trendy characters.

Expect Watch Dogs 2 by November 15, 2016. This can be played in PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Watch Dogs 2 Characters


Marcus Holloway Watch Dogs 2

A young self taught hacker hailing from Oakland. He has a fun and cool personality with amazing hacking and parkour skills. One day he decided to hack into the system. He then found out that he has been labeled because of where he came from. This develops in him a deep urge to fight against this injustice.


The Wrench Watch Dogs 2

He is the builder who loves to blow things up. The Wrench is also the closest friend of Marcus in the group. Described as the engineer as well as the problem solver of the group. Also known as the demolition man.


Sitara Watch Dogs 2

A cyber artist with great graffiti skills. She is a rebel with a purpose. Her dream is to have a change for the better with the use of her art. She is the one tasked to make the visuals of the group.


Josh Watch Dogs 2

Known as the “brain” of the group. He can hack just about anything. He likes keeping to himself and is mostly quiet. He only speaks when he has something important to say.


DEDSEC Watch Dogs 2 An organization that is found around the world. They are a group who would want to make things right in the world. Marcus and his gang of hackers are the San Francisco cell of Ded Sec.

Watch Watch Dogs 2: Remote Access. This will be a series of episodes that will be introducing the whole game. This is the very first episode. Enjoy!

The first Episode of the Remote Access looks great! Has this gotten you thrilled about the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.