Watch Dogs 2 Pre-Order Bonus Mission Is ‘The Zodiac Killer’

October 21, 2016 at 9:44 PM in Gaming News with no comments
Watch Dogs 2 Pre-Order Bonus Mission Cover

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The Zodiac Killer is back in the Watch Dogs 2 pre-order bonus mission. One of the most feared serial killers of the 1960’s is back and is wreaking havoc in the San Francisco Bay area. Could it be the real Zodiac Killer? Clues are left all over the town. He is taunting anyone to catch him.

Since the 1960’s, the Zodiac Killer has not been caught. Given all the clues that he is leaving behind, nobody has pieced it all together yet. Perhaps, Marcus is the only one who can solve this mystery and catch the killer. He must also know why after so long, the killer decides to come out from hiding and once again do his sinister acts.

Marcus is tasked to get all the clues that he can possibly find. And solve the puzzles that the Zodiac Killer left behind. He must do this to get to know the identity of the Zodiac Killer and possibly place him behind bars!

To play the Zodiac Killer mission, you must pre-order Watch Dogs 2. By pre-ordering the game, you will also get a new outfit for Marcus that has the Zodiac theme.

Get to play Watch Dogs 2 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by November 15 and November 29 for PC players.

Don’t forget to pre-order the game to play the Watch Dogs 2 Zodiac Killer bonus mission.



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