Watch Dogs Legion Editions | What’s The Best Edition For You?

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Everybody is excited about the coming of the next-generation consoles as well as the games that will be available for them upon their launch. One of the games is Watch Dogs Legion and we have the editions as well as what comes with each edition listed here for you.

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Watch Dogs: Legion Pre-Order Bonuses


Watch Dogs Legion Golden King Pack


Do note that when you pre-order any of the game’s versions, it will come with:

  • Lux Car Skin
  • Uneasy Lies Mask Skin
  • Serpent Sisters Gun Skin


Watch Dogs: Legion Standard Edition


Watch Dogs Legion Standard Edition


The Watch Dogs Legion Standard Edition includes the base game only. Although, the game is amazing enough, pre-ordering or getting the other editions gives you a little bit extra for your enjoyment.


Watch Dogs: Legion Gold Edition


Watch Dogs Legion Gold Edition


The Watch Dogs Legion Gold Edition includes the base game plus the game’s Season Pass.


Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass includes:

  • Two story expansion available post-game. One of which is Bloodline which continues the story of Aiden Pearce.
  • Four iconic heroes: Aiden, Wrench, Mina and Darcy.
  • Three Dedsec missions: Not in our name, Guardian Protocol and Swipe Right.
  • Watch Dogs Complete Edition
  • Dedsec car skin

Watch Dogs: Legion Ultimate Edition


Watch Dogs Legion Ultimate Edition


The Watch Dogs Legion Ultimate Edition includes the base game, Season Pass and the Ultimate Pack.

The Ultimate Pack comes with:

  • The Urban Jungle Pack – This pack comes with three characters: Lynx, Leopard and Viper. Each of the three characters has their own unique outfit and mask.
  • London Dissident Pack – This pack includes the Sapphire Guard mask, Cardboard Cyborg mask, and Distortion mask.
  • VIP Status available for four weeks.
    • The VIP Status in Watch Dogs Legion gives players faster gains for XP and Currency. You can share this with your friends when in co-op mode.

Note: The UPLAY+ Edition is the Ultimate edition version available in Uplay+. This does not come with the 4 weeks VIP status.

Watch Dogs: Legion Collector’s Edition


Watch Dogs Legions Collectors Edition


The Watch Dogs Legion Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Watch Dogs: Legion (Base Game)
  • Season Pass
  • Ultimate Pack
  • Ded Coronet Mask figurine.
  • Instant access to the Ded Coronet Mask in-game.
  • Double-sided propaganda poster.
  • Set of three stickers.
  • Exclusive Steelbook.
  • Collector box.


There are also a few different versions of the editions depending on the reseller and country.

The Resistance Edition (Only available in the UK):

Watch Dogs Legion Resistance Edition


The Ultimate Steelbook Edition (Available on GameStop):

This has the Ultimate Editon plus a Steelbook from the Collector’s Edition.

Watch Dogs Legion Ultimate Steelbook Edition GameStop


The Limited Edition (Available on most online retailers):

Watch Dogs Legion Limited Edition


Watch Dogs Legion will be launching on October 29, 2020, which gives you only a day to pre-order it. But if you weren’t able to take advantage of that, we have the list of the Watch Dogs Legion editions available for the game for you to choose from.