Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode Goes Live and Here are its Features

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Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode is now live on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S and it takes the revolution to a whole new level. Here is a rundown of the special features of this mode.

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The Online mode will have you starting in a new branch of DedSec in a different part of London. You will start with everything new like signing up new recruits with the use of influence points. Influence points are just like tech points where in which you can use them to upgrade items and weapons.

There are solo missions as well as daily and weekly challenges to complete in order to rise up in rank. If you have a higher rank, it would mean that you get more influence points that can translate into additional skills and upgrades for the new DedSec branch.


Watch Dogs Legion 5


Watch Dogs: Legion Online has a co-op mode that can host up to four hackers only. Go on and neutralize targets, coordinate hacks, and destroy vehicles together. The things that you do together will level up your common faction.

During Tactical Ops, Ubisoft recommends that you have a complete force of hackers. The Tactical Ops comes with five-part missions that require teamwork, communication and coordination. The online mode’s integrated voice chat is very useful in the Tactical Ops. If a team member dies, you fail and would have to start over the current mission.


Watch Dogs Legion Hackers


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Right now, the online mode is not yet available for the PC version because of some technical issues.

Watch Dogs Legion Online Mode is available to be downloaded for free as the latest update on your platform.

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