Watch: The Exhilarating Quake Champions Gameplay Trailer

August 6, 2016 at 1:02 AM in Gaming News with no comments

Quake Champions Gameplay


An exciting Quake Champions gameplay trailer will have you wanting!

During the QuakeCon 2016, id Software was able to reveal the first ever Quake Champions gameplay trailer. The trailer showcased the player’s quick movements as well as the environment of the game. Also seen in the trailer is the Rocket Jump. Jump high up in the air by shooting at the ground to propel you up.

Tim Willis from id Software spoke during a presentation at the QuakeCon 2016. He said that they’re “focusing on pure Quake gameplay”. He also enumerated the core components of a Quake game. It included movement and speed, rocket jumps and zero weapon load-outs.

Willis also added that “If you want a gun, you go pick it up! You time the pick up right, or you kill an opponent and take it. That’s how you get a gun in a Quake game”.

Quake Champions doesn’t have a specific release date as of yet. However, since a gameplay trailer has been released. You can expect a closed beta to come out perhaps by next year. Once we get additional information about this, we will keep you posted!

Watch the first Quake Champions Gameplay Trailer here!