Watch The Final Overwatch Short And Get Blown Away

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The newest action packed Overwatch short is called “Hero”.

The final Overwatch short for this season is entitled “Hero” featuring Soldier 76. He is an ex-Overwatch who chose to be a vigilante soldier instead. Soldier 76 has taken it upon himself to investigate the Los Muertos gang in the city of Dorado, Mexico. The Los Muertos has placed fear in the hearts of the residents of Dorado with all their illegal activities.

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But something unexpected happened to Soldier 76 which made his hero instinct surface once again. A small girl named Alejandra got victimized by the members of Los Muertos and got her money stolen. Wanting to get her money back, she follows the Los Muertos members to a back alley. Suddenly a member of the gang comes flying at her direction and falls unconscious in front of her. She looks for a corner to hide and watch. It is Soldier 76, giving the members of the gang a beating. In the middle of the commotion, Alejandra, hiding in the corner gets exposed and is seen by Soldier 76. A member of the Los Muertos gang sees this as an opportunity to escape, throwing a grenade at the direction of the girl.

Soldier 76 is then faced with a difficult decision: to go after the gang members and let the girl die or to save the girl and fail in his mission.

Watch the newest Overwatch short for you to find out what Soldier 76 chooses.

Overwatch is out now and can be played on PC via, Play Station 4 and Xbox One.



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