Watch The Get Even Launch Trailer And Uncover The Truth!

By Veena on June 23, 2017 Gaming News with No Comments


Get Even is finally being launched after a delay because of the Manchester Attacks. Recently BANDAI Namco Entertainment Europe released the Get Even launch trailer, the video shows how part of the game is played using the environment around you to search for clues.

Get Even
Get Even PS4
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Play as a mercenary and hired gun named Black in this psychological thriller game. He finds himself in an asylum with a strange device strapped to his head and no memory of his past. The device strapped on his head is called Pandora, and with this Black can explore the asylum by closely looking at the items that are available on his way. Every item available can be a key to unlock his past, and Pandora will let him experience this again.

However, there is one thing that is really bothering Black aside from losing his memory. He as a faint memory of a girl tied to a chair with a bomb strapped to her chest. Why is it that Black remembers he and nothing else. Who could she be? Is she the key to unlocking all Black’s memories? Play Get Even and find out! Now available on Steam for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

Get Even Launch Trailer


Get Even Release Date Moved To June 23rd

The newest game from Farm 51, Get Even’s launch date was moved because of the terror attack in Manchester. The game is now set to launch on June 23, 2017.