Watch The Making of FIFA 17’s The Journey

September 21, 2016 at 5:14 AM in Gaming News with no comments

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EA has recently released a new video that shows how FIFA 17’s The Journey was made. The Journey is found in FIFA 17’s Story Mode featuring the life of the budding football player Alex Hunter. Alex has been described as “the Premier League’s next rising star.”

The makers wanted The Journey to be as authentic as possibly can be, so they asked the help of real-life football players to be able to create a story that is very similar to their experiences.

“Input from real players including Harry Kane and Anthony Martial helped ground Alex Hunter’s journey, in reality, giving you an authentic experience of the types of challenges a professional footballer will face as they strive to get to the top of the game. “ as said by EA.

Manchester United’s striker, Marcus Rashford, one of FIFA 17’s Authenticity Consultant for the Journey added, “There are ups and downs for all footballers and that’s shown in Alex’s journey. You just have to try to stay level throughout and not get too high when things are going well or too low when things aren’t quite as good.”

You will also see in the video how the character Alex Hunter comes to life by introducing you to Tomiwa Edun. Mr. Edun plays the role of Alex Hunter. Face scans and other animation technologies were used to create his face as well as the faces of the other characters in the Story Mode.

The Story Mode is based on the choices you make. There will be multiple opportunities for you to choose a path in different situations. The choices you make will lead to different outcomes.

Get to see all these and more by watching the video below. Share your thoughts with us about FIFA 17’s the Journey in the comments below.



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