Welcome Ryu And Sakura Into The Monster Hunter World And Vice Versa

January 30, 2018 at 3:31 AM in Gaming News with no comments

Monster Hunter World x Street Fighter 5

It may seem like a very unlikely collaboration but Monster Hunter World and Street Fighter 5 will have a crossover as published on their official blog. Content from both games will be featured as a crossover.

Monster Hunter World will have Ryu and Sakura fighting for them. Quests will be available in order to get armor sets that will make them fit in and look like their World Warrior selves. Players that would have both the Street Fighter 5 as well as the Arcade edition save data in their PlayStation 4 console, they will have the opportunity to play the Ryu quest first before it opens to everybody else. This specific quest is called the ‘Down the Dark, Muddy Path’ which will earn players some ‘SFV Tickets’ which can be used in the armor of Ryu.

Capcom announced that Xbox One players, as well as the rest of the PlayStation 4 players, would have to wait in order to play in this quest. Also, included are some Street Fighter 5 premium gestures as well as Chat Stamp sets.

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition will, of course, get something from the Monster Hunter World as well. Three costumes will be made available are Ken’s Rathalos Armor, R. Mike’s Zinogre Armor, Kirin’s Elder Dragon Armor. All of these will be unlocked through the Extra Battle Mode that will be available in the next three months.

PlayStation 4 players would also get to enjoy a crossover of Megaman and Horizon Zero Dawn for Monster Hunter World.

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