Wen Ts’ai The Food Critic Is The Hitman Elusive Target 17!

December 31, 2016 at 7:39 AM in Gaming News with no comments
Hitman Elusive Target 17 Cover


Start 2107 by going after the Hitman Elusive Target 17! The target this time is a famous food critic and his name is Wen Ts’ai.

This food critic is harsh, however, he is also very influential. There are more than 1 million subscribers in his blog. His ill reputation is known throughout! He is actually labeled as “The Cruelest Reviewer in the World”.

The client who asked for Agent 47’s services is actually a victim of Wen Ts’ai’s criticism. The impossible food critic posted this about your client on his blog:

“Fellow Epicureans. I’d never in my life had to drink an insult. Sadly that was the case today. There are monkeys that drink their own effluence. They have a better experience than I did at The Singaporean Food Market.”

Due to this cruel blog. Your client has been driven to suicide and this is how he would want his revenge.

Agent 47 will be flying to Bangkok, Thailand. The target will be located in the Himmapan Hotel to review their cuisine.

This is a tricky mission since Wen Ts’ai has bodyguards around him all the time. You must proceed with your mission with the utmost caution.

Like all the other Elusive Targets, there will only be 7 days to accomplish your task. Once you miss or fail you will not have a reset button for this mission.

Get to know more about your client by watching the video introduction of your mission below:


Hitman Elusive Target 17 Is Almost Here And You Will Go To Bangkok! With newest Hitman Elusive Target announcement, Agent 47 will be traveling to Bangkok, Thailand.