What Is An Allkeyshop VIP?

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Allkeyshop VIP  

Get to earn more points by being one of our Allkeyshop VIPs!

Allkeyshop VIPs get exclusive access to more points daily, so apply now!



1: Proceed to the CITATION TOOL PAGE (This is currently in CLOSED BETA and only a select few have access to the page). 2: Click on VIP on the (VIP) TALKATIVE banner.   Citation Tool   3: Standby as the Rewards Team will be receiving your application.

*Applications are reviewed by the Rewards Team on a daily basis. The screening is done thoroughly as this is an exclusive program. Only those eligible for the VIP membership will be approved. It may take some time for our Rewards Team to verify your application so please bear with us and thank you for understanding.




VIPs have exclusive access to the Citation Tool which offers thousands of points to be earned daily!






1: By using the Steam Marker on your Steam ID

Go to SETTINGS>FRIENDS on Steam Then proceed to your Profile Name and add www.allkeyshop.com beside your Profile Name.

Allkeyshop VIP Citation Tool

Obtain your STEAM64 ID. This can be done through a third-party website like Steamid.io.

If done through Steamid.io go to the lookup tab. Then paste your Steam Profile URL or your Steam Custom URL on the space provided.

  SteamID I/O   Steam ID Lookup  

Then go to the Citation Tool page on Allkeyshop.

Go to STEAM CITATIONS in the box provided paste your Steam64 ID, then click on the submit your Steam64 ID, then click on the submit your Steam ID button.

  Steam Citation Paste Your ID!

Wait For the Rewards Team to review the submission.

  Steam Markers  

Once approved after the validation, you will get the corresponding points on your Allkeyshop account. You will get to earn the points DAILY. The points will be earned regularly and there won’t be an expiration date on it.


2: By Using Web Markers On Other Websites

  Web Markers can also be used to earn points.

Go to the Citation Tool page and take note of the Web Markers that you would need to include in your citation. Make sure to use all Web Markers to make your citation valid.

  Web Markers  

In order to make the citation, you would need to post a comment in an article or forum post that is related to Sea of Thieves (Check the samples in the images below.)

Sea of Thieves article   Sea of Thieves article  

Then post your comment. Don’t forget to use all the required Web Markers so that your citation will be valid an example of the required Web Markers, in this case, are: sea of thieves, allkeyshop.com, and compare prices.

Check out the sample comment below. Take note that all the required Web Makers have been used. This is a valid citation.

  Sample Comment   Sample Comment  

To submit your citations, just copy the URL of the post that you have commented on and paste in the field located in the Citation Tool page.

  Web Citations Paste URL  

The Rewards Team will review your submission to check if it is valid

The Alexa ranking of the website where in which you posted your citation will be the basis of the amount of points that you receive. You will get the points daily for a period of 7 days.

*If by change your citation/comment has been deleted by the owner or moderator of the website, you will stop receiving the points. Also, the reward for a citation is available for only one user or the particular website for seven days. In case several users posted in the one particular site, you would have to wait out the seven days lockdown period for each user until it reaches your turn.

Here are the corresponding amount of points you may receive:

1-100 125,000
101-200 100,000
201-300 75,000
301-400 50,000
401-500 37,500
501-1,000 25,000
1,001-5,000 17,500
5,001-10,000 12,500
10,001-50,000 10,000
50,001-100,000 7,500
100,001-150,000 5,000
150,001-200,000 2,500
200,001-500,000 1,500
500,001-up 500
*IMPORTANT! The citations are only accepted through posting a comment on a forum post or an article that is related to the game. Social Media posts are not accepted. Also, you may only do the citation once per post or article. No points will be awarded for a second citation on the same forum or article. The citations are not done for backlinks.