What To Do In The First 5 Hours Of The Game No Man’s Sky

August 16, 2016 at 6:53 PM in Gaming News with no comments

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Start No Man’s Sky with these tips and begin the game easy peasy.

There is an almost infinite universe ahead of you in No Man’s Sky. This could be very overwhelming and also a bit confusing in how or where to start the game. Fret not, the kind people who made the PlayStation Blog will put everything into perspective and will give you great direction in starting the game.

No Man’s Sky Startup Tips:

Make Ship Repairs

What will you need to explore the vast universe? A ship, of course! You will first start out with a ship that is in dire need of repairs. You must do all the repairs and fuel up your ship before you go on exploring outer space.

Gather Elements

In order to survive, you must gather elements. Elements can be used to fuel your ship or keep your life support online. As you journey throughout space you will get to visit planets that offer different elements. And the most important is Plutonium which is used for fuel and also used to keep your life support online. Iron is also useful since this can keep your shield powered up.

Elements can also be combined to make materials that you can use for repairing your ship, upgrading your Exosuit or Multi-Tool or use it to trade on the galactic market.

The essential elements can be found by using your Exosuit scanner to check your surroundings.

First Explore Your Planet

Your first ever planet can actually give you a lot. Make sure to explore this first. Get to discover new creatures, plants, minerals, and elements. You can also get to name the unique species that you will find and will be rewarded by the Galactic Library. Discover the other alien civilization on the planet. New languages can be learned with Knowledge Stones and will help you communicate with other alien lifeforms.

By chance, you might see smoking debris from the horizon, you must check this out. When in investigating this debris, it can provide blueprints with new technology as well as improvements of your Exosuit, ship, or Multi-Tool. Sometimes, you might see abandoned signal scanners. Also, if you have the right elements you can make them work again, in addition, you can also get the information on various points of interest like trading posts or even bigger and better ships.

Discover The Vast Outer Space!

Finished fixing your ship and also finished exploring your planet, it is now time to explore the universe. Discover the billions of stars, planets, asteroids and so much more.

Upgrade Whenever Possible

Make sure to enhance your ship, Exosuit, and Multi-Tool. This is made available if enough blueprints have been gathered. The blueprints must contain new technologies and enhancements.

A huge universe lies ahead of you in No Man’s Sky. We know these tips will be very useful for you.

Are you excited to play No Man’s Sky? What do you think of the game so far? Tell us in the comments below.



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