What Windows 10 Edition is Best For You?

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Planning to get Windows 10 but don’t have any idea on what specific version you should get? Well, we simplified everything for you so read on!

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This is the standard edition and is the best for most of us regular users.


Windows 10 Home



Windows 10 Home Features:

  • 32 & 64bit
  • Cortana
  • Hardware Device Encryption
  • Windows Store Apps
  • Windows Start Menu
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Account Log-in


Easy Steps on How to Install Windows 10

If you are not sure how to install Windows 10, we do have a step-by-step guide that is easy to follow HERE.




For some, additional features are needed, and the Pro Edition would be the best for them.


Windows 10 Pro


Windows 10 Pro Features:

  • Hyper-V
  • BitLocker
  • Microsoft Update for Business
  • Remote Access
  • Assigned Access
  • Business Storage
  • Enterprise Data Protection
  • Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer



Hyper-V allows the installation of virtual devices on your computer. This is helpful for those who test other versions of Windows.


This secures your data using an encryption program. This is best for those who work with very sensitive data or information.

3 Ways to Activate the Windows Product Key




This edition includes all the things that come in the Pro Edition plus a little bit more.


Windows 10 Enterprise



Windows 10 Enterprise Features:

  • App Locker
  • BranchCache
  • Credential Guard
  • Device Guard
  • Start Screen Control
  • User Experience Control
  • Direct Access


This sorts information locally so that the response time would be faster between your company’s server and that of your clients.

Credential Guard

This keeps your login credentials and other sensitive information safe and it is stored separately from your OS which means that it cannot be reached by hackers, malware, or even viruses. This is best for those who work with sensitive information.

3 Ways to Activate the Windows Product Key


What is the Fastest Windows 10 Version?


There is no real difference, the factors that could affect the load and performance speeds are your hardware and startup programs.


What Windows 10 Version Should I Get For a Low-End PC?


You will get more out of the Windows 10 Home and specifically the 32-bit version if you have a low-end PC. The other extra programs that the other versions have could possibly slow down your computer even more.




When playing games on your PC, still the best version to get is Windows 10 Home.


Windows 10


Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise are usually great for work or those with businesses.


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