Will Video Games Replace Movies?

March 14, 2023 at 9:11 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Is it possible for video games to replace movies?

By Daniel Burrows Daniel  |  Veena

Can Video Games Replace Films?  

Key Facts

  • The video game industry is large and each year, it tends to earn more than the movie industry.
  • Some of the games that have been adapted to TV or film are Uncharted, Halo, The Last of Use, Resident Evil and Tomb Raider.
  • Will games eventually replace films or could they perfectly coexist?



We are noticing that video games are reeling in the big bucks. According to Newzoo the mobile gaming market finished 2022 with a revenue of $92.2 billion and the console market at $51.8 billion.

  best game to film adaptations  

To compare, the movie industry only earned $26 billion globally in 2022, which is a far cry from that of the video game industry.


As the video game industry continues to grow, do you think it will be replacing the film industry?

The last couple of decades, we have seen games focusing on being entertainment pieces, something that the film industry needs to take note of.

The storylines of games are being made into movies or TV shows, graphics are made to be more realistic and the characters are now more recognizable than that TV or film characters.


Some of the games that have been adapted into a movie or TV series include Halo, The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed, Uncharted, Resident Evil, Doom, Mortal Kombat and more.

Since movies and TV adapt a lot of video games recently, it seems like they are able to coexist.

To answer the question of whether games will take the place of films? No. However, from what we are seeing, it looks like games are actually important to the film industry and some of the games are being inspired by the TV or movie industry.




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