Windows 10 Versions | Which Should You Get?

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Windows 10

There are two Windows 10 versions that you need to know all about. If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet and is planning to do so, then we have got here for you the difference between the Windows 10 Home Edition and the Pro Edition. This will help you decide which one you would be needing.

Hopefully, what we share below can help you decide on what Windows 10 version you would be needing.

Windows 10 Home

The Windows 10 Home edition includes the essential features that most people would need at its most basic form. In Windows 10 Home, it includes the voice assistant, Cortana. The Battery Saving feature is also included which can manage the power setting of your PC’s. It also has the Windows Hello, which is the new biometrics security feature.

This also comes with Microsoft Edge, which replaced the Internet Explorer. The Continuum is a great feature for the tablet users where it would have a seamless transition between the tablet and desktop modes.

So, if you are just a normal Windows user, the Home Edition would already have everything that you needed. You could be a student, or someone who uses the computer for work, or even a gamer, this is perfect for you, for your basic needs. But if you need something more, check out the Pro version.

Windows 10 Pro

The Windows 10 Pro edition has all the features of the Windows 10 Home plus more powerful ones. One of which is the BitLocker that is able to encrypt full volumes of data. Another powerful feature is the Assigned Access 8.1 that allows administrators to restrict users from accessing certain apps. The Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer, a specialized browser is also available.

This Pro edition gives access to users to join domains, manage group policies, as well as access another computer via a Remote Desktop. Another handy thing is that it includes a business version of the Windows Store and Windows Update. The Windows 10 offers features that are more for those who do a lot of work within the company’s network.

What Version Is Right For You?

Well, this comes down to what you do in the day to day basis on your computer. For basic users, the Windows 10 Home is perfect for you. You could be a student, a gamer or someone who does light work on the computers and the Home edition would still work best, it is also comparatively cheaper. For power users like the ones who need to connect to the company’s network, the Pro edition would be your perfect fit.

We hope that this clarifies things for you. If you are now ready to make your purchase, remember that we have the best rates for both editions here at

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