Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22523 Brings New Features

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Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22523 has launched and it comes with improvements and changes to the operating system for an improved experience.

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Windows 11 Improvements and Changes

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The changes brought about by the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22523 include that of the Task View, Control Panel, and File Explorer.

Microsoft would want to make these tweaks to streamline some of the settings and options and place them in the other areas of the OS.


  • While in Task View, Snap Groups are now available when you press ALT+Tab.
  • The Add and Remove media server options can be found in the File Explorer while browsing the PC.
  • You can access the Programs & Features when you go to the Control Panel then go to Settings > Apps > Installed Apps
  • The Uninstall Updates is no longer found on the Control Panel, you can access this through Settings > Windows Update > Update History

The Snap Group feature had been amazing and it makes things a little bit easier for those who need to have multiple windows and apps open at once.



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Windows 11 did not launch perfectly, so the build came with fixes to Taskbar, File Explorer, Widgets, Input features and Settings.



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  • The Taskbar of Windows 11 is different from that of the Taskbar of Windows 10 and some changes are needed to be done.
  • No more freezes will occur when attempting to type on the ARM64 PC’s Start menu.
  • A percent more than 100 will not be shown in the battery icon.
  • Using secondary monitors will no longer overlap the icons for the date and time .
  • Preview widgets by hovering over their icons and the links should open when clicked.


File Explorer

A notable fix for the File Explorer is the fix for when using the F2 key to rename files on the OneDrive.



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The Input fixes are included in voice typing and pen use. Several fixes were made which are:

  • Using the voice typing feature is now more reliable.
  • Text input borders should now be correct.
  • Fix the pen menu crashes.



  windows 11 minimum system requirements?   Changes were done to the Settings since there had been content loss when opening windows.
  • Minimizing your Settings window will no longer result in loss of content.
  • Opening multiple boxes, the Settings window will no longer crash.
  • Trying to add a device in Bluetooth & Devices will no longer result in a crash.
  • Added keywords to make the Voice Access show in the search results.


Other Fixes

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The Windows 11 update comes with a lot of other fixes:

  • No more memory management errors for ARM64 PCs.
  • Using the Narrator will no longer crash your Apps.
  • Narratorquickstart.exe will now show all the missing details.
  • Narrator now responds to events, live regions and notifications


Windows 11 Known Issues

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Windows 11 still comes with some issues and here is a list of the known issues available.

Certain apps won’t let you sign in. A workaround is to restart your PC.

  • An 0x8007012a error has been reported when failing to update drivers and firmware.
  • Typing is being disabled when using the Search Start or Taskbar. A workaround is to press the WIN+R to run the dialogue box.
  • Switching input methods sometimes makes your Taskbar flicker.
  • Using a multiple monitor setup and right-clicking on the date and time will sometimes crash your PC.
  • The Search icon on the Taskbar does not work. A workaround available is to restart your Windows Explorer.
  • The Wi-Fi networks don’t show the correct signal strength.
  • Clicking on System > Display > HDR crashes your Settings
  • The Widgets button disappears when your make changes to the Taskbar alignment.
  • Incorrect resolution is displayed for the Widgets board when using multiple monitors.
  • The temperature disappears when aligning the Taskbar to the left.


When Can We Expect The Next Windows Patch?


The Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22523 is last insider for the year. It is set to launch by the Fall of 2022 with Windows 11 22H2.

It is possible that the fixes and modifications listed will still change before it officially releases.

Are you a user of Windows 11? Share with us what you think of the OS in the comments below.


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