Wolfenstein Youngblood and Cyberpilot will be Released in Germany Uncensored

July 5, 2019 at 10:26 PM in Digital Download News with no comments
Wolfenstein Youngblood

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Due to a change in national policy, Wolfenstein Youngblood and Wolfenstein Cyberpilot will be launching in Germany uncensored. There will, of course, be the censored version as well for those who would want that option. Germany had previously had a long-standing stance against any Nazi-related imagery in all forms of media including video games.

With the changes in national policy, Zenimax Germany was able to announce that both the German and International versions of Youngblood and Cyberpilot will be available in Germany on the same day that the game launches worldwide. The German version is the censored version with any Nazi iconography and the likeness to Hitler has been changed.

Both versions will come with some content as announced by Zenimax Germany and the Nazi iconography will only be the difference. The price of the games is actually the same as well.

The change in policy had been because of the USK which is Germany’s rating board. The change in policy started in August 2018, which allows games to have controversial symbols as well as likenesses as long as it is justified in the game. The previous games from the Wolfenstein series had to change the Swastikas into different symbols as well as change how Hitler looks like before it can be released in the country.

Wolfenstein Youngblood and Wolfenstein Cyberpilot will be launching on July 26th. Youngblood will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch while Cyberpilot will only be available for PC and PlayStation 4.



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