Wolfenstein Youngblood Critics Review Round-Up

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Wolfenstein Youngblood  

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Wolfenstein Youngblood launched a little early for PC which is today, the console launch will be tomorrow. And from what we have seen so far, everything that we like from Wolfenstein is still there plus a little more. Get to know what the critics have to say about the game with the review round-up that we have below:

PC GAMER — 79/100

“Youngblood’s gorgeous, terrible world is worth exploring, despite a slight narrative and oppressively boring progression systems.”

– James Davenport

IGN — 6.5/10

“Wolfenstein: Youngblood is an aggressively okay co-op shooter that doesn’t come close to recapturing the joy of its predecessor’s action or its surprisingly interesting characters and story.”

– Dan Stapleton


“Youngblood excels as an entertaining shooter with the right kind of RPG elements and choices.”

– Javy Gwaltney


“Youngblood makes plenty of strides forward for this series, but it also takes some steps backward that end up hurting the overall package.”

– Peter Glagowski


“This a game about two young women blasting racists into goo – for me, that equals a bloody good time.”

– Rick Lane

POLYGON — Polygon Recommends

“It seems like it was designed as a relatively inexpensive crowd-pleaser of an FPS, and I will admit that I was very entertained. “

– Ben Kuchera

There are a few things that the critics are nitpicking about the game, but generally, fans of the series will surely love the game and enjoy killing those Nazi nasties in Paris.


Wolfenstein Youngblood Launch Trailer Revealed


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