Wolfenstein Youngblood Is Going To Launch One Day Earlier On PC

July 23, 2019 at 2:49 AM in Digital Download News with no comments
Wolfenstein Youngblood  

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Wolfenstein Youngblood will be launching this week and for those who would be playing the game on PC, you get to play it earlier than expected. Revealed in the official Bethesda Twitter account, the PC version of the game will be launching a day earlier on July 25th instead of its original launch date which was on the 26th.

What’s actually strange about this was there was no big announcement for it. The information was only made known when a fan asked when the game will be arriving on PC. Another interesting thing is that as of this writing Steam still lists the game as launching on July 26th. A retweet of the information for the earlier launch was done on the game’s official account for everybody to be informed.

We actually don’t know why the change of schedule, but it may have something to do with QuakeCon which was supposed to happen on the same day of the game’s original launch date. Usually, QuakeCon is targetted for Bethesda PC fans, so that could be the connection, but we are not entirely sure.

For those playing on consoles, the original launch date will be followed. It is only one day so, its not really a big deal.

In other Wolfenstein Youngblood news, Jerk Gustafsson, the executive producer told VentureBeat that the game won’t be supporting raytracing at launch. However, both MachineGames and Nvidia are actually working on bringing the technology to the game. They don’t have a tentative date for this right now though.


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