WoW Classic: Burning Crusade Pre-Patch Coming May 19

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The WoW Classic Burning Crusade pre-patch is coming this May 19 and it will be bringing Azeroth to a whole new level. Read on to know what to expect!

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WoW Classic: Burning Crusade


The pre-patch of WoW Classic Burning Crusade will be coming to all the available WoW Classic servers coming May 19th. This will bring to the game new features as well as some new tweaks.



Pre-Patch Highlights


Here are the most important features coming to the game via the pre-patch.

  • Addition of the Blood Elves (Horde) and Draenei (Alliance) plus their capitals and starting areas.
  • Access to the paladins for the Horde and the shamans for the Alliance.
  • The jeweler profession can now reach 300
  • A rework of the talent trees for all classes has been done. It is now expanded with the addition of new talents.
  • A rework has also been done for the honor system with the introduction of value hardening.
  • Skirmish is now available in the first arenas.
  • Purchasing equipment and weapons via the honor system can now be done with honor and battlefield tokens, the specific ranks for purchases have been removed.
  • Experience requirements have been lowered when leveling up between levels 20 and 60. More experience is available from quests for levels 30 and 60. The dungeon quests will be from 1 and 60. The quests between 1 and 60 are made more simple for the elite.
  • Dungeon loot has been improved plus more quest had been added in the Mashes of Dustwallow.


Other Pre-Patch Changes


The Burning Crusade is based on the 2.4.3 patch and here are the other changes that it will come with.


WoW Classic: Burning Crusade Characters

  • Debuffs on enemies have been raised to 40 from the original 16.
  • Consumable items are classified as combat and guardian elixirs. Only one combat and one guardian elixir can be used at a time. If you use a vial that is considered as both a guardian and combat elixir, you won’t be able to use any other elixir.
  • The introduction of the “Combat Rating System” removes the percentage increase in critical hit chance, hit chance, or dodge chance.
  • The weapon skill value has been removed. A weapon lore value has been added instead and it can lower the chances of your opponent to dodge or parry your attacks.
  • The values of the hunters and warlocks will scale with that of their compansions.
  • The effects of the healing-over-time are now stackable.
  • Previous items that only grant healing can now deal a small amount of plus spell damage.
  • In PvP, the control effects work for a maximum of 12 seconds. It also has a cooldown of 15 to 20 seconds for its “Diminishing Effect”.
  • New damage cap available for Blizzard, Frost Nova, Volley, Hurricane, and Rain of Fire.
  • Skill ranks that were only available through books can now be bought through the class teacher.
  • The Fear spell protection is now available to all priests.
  • The global cooldown of spells has been reduced to one second thanks to the spell speed.
  • High level characters who cast low ranks spells won’t benefit from the plus healing and plus spell damage.
  • Summon players to the front by gathering stones.
  • The dungeon cap of 30 IDs per day has been removed from the PTR.
  • Bulk of the elite enemies found in the open world are now non-elite.
  • Sending gold to other characters is now instant. Sending items will still take an hour.
  • Additional bank slot added, the most expensive is 25 gold per slot.
  • The limited invulnerability potion has been weakened significantly.

Are you excited about the WoW Classic: Burning Crusade pre-patch? Are you excited about a specific patch in the list provided? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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