X4: Foundations Arrive Today!

November 30, 2018 at 10:01 AM in Gaming News with no comments
X4: Foundations

Egosoft’s X4: Foundation arrive today! This is a sophisticated space simulation that is played in a 1st person perspective inside a living universe.

If you want to know more about the game, here are the game’s features from their official site:

  • Spaceflight sandbox: Acquire ships and upgrade their systems or create fleets of hundreds. From small scouts to massive capital ships. Fly them all from cockpit or bridge and remote command with a powerful map.
  • Research: Research new technologies like teleportation, blueprints for station and ship construction and much more
  • Build: Full creativity with station construction. Station and factory modules can be freely connected to form ever-growing economic or military installations.
  • Explore: A massive universe awaits sheer endless opportunities for exploration. Find resources for mining and crafting, to acquire rare technologies. Explore ancient installations.
  • Sandbox Gamestarts: Start into X4 from a variety of angles. Represent different factions, ships, and technologies. Every start offers a new view at the universe, but all allow you to unlock everything.
  • Dynamic universe: Factions build and expand stations dynamically and react to the economy and military threats. Every game can take a new and unexpected turn for the entire universe.
  • Complex Economy: Trade with a single ship or rise to become an empire manager competing with entire civilizations. A fully simulated and dynamic economy reacts to changes on every level.

X4: Foundations launches today available for PC.

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