Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Life Hack!

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Xbox fans discovered a trick to get the discounted offer for the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate even though they have an existing membership.


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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  1. There should be NO valid ultimate game pass membership linked to the account.
  2. PURCHASE Xbox live gold prepaid cards (You can make your purchase HERE).
  3. ACTIVATE the cards by redeeming it.
  4. To get the 36 months of Ultimate Game Pass, DECLINE the free months offered.
  5. SUBSCRIBE to the $1 Ultimate Game Pass HERE.

If you follow these steps, your Gold Membership is converted to the Game Pass Ultimate.

Note: The $1 trick is offered for a limited time only, so you must avail of it as soon as possible.





When the hack circulated on the internet, you would think that Microsoft would immediately fix it since money is involved. But Microsoft was cool about it and even made a blog on how to take advantage of it.

Microsoft’s gaming services are all rolled into one in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription which makes it the best subscription for gamers. Since Microsoft validated the hack, fans can enjoy the package for less than 5 dollars a month.


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 2



Officially, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is sold at $12.99 per month and it comes with great benefits:


The Xbox Game Pass for Consoles

This gives unlimited access to more than 100 high-quality games that you can play on the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X.


The Xbox Game Pass for PC

Includes direct access to more than 100 downloadable games for Windows.


Cloud Gaming

Get to play more than 100 games for Android which is streamed via cloud storage.


The Xbox Live Gold Membership

Get access to the Xbox Live online gaming service which comes with a selection of games made available every month.

EA Play Xbox Game Pass


EA Play Subscription

Get access to current EA games plus a 10-hour trial on new ones. This is available on November 10 for consoles and by December for the PC.


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate “Advantages”

The subscription comes with offers, consumables and partner offers.


Current Games Available in the Xbox Game Pass

The list changes every month, new games get added and sometimes some get removed just like what Netflix does for their available shows. Right now there are 350 games available for PC and Xbox.



Xbox Game Pass Games



For only $4 per month, you get to play Xbox One titles on PC.

The subscription is similar to the EA Access subscription for Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation Now service.

There are more than 100 games at launch and more are being added to it. Sometimes games will be removed from it too.

The subscription allows players to download the complete game for “continuous, true-to-life gameplay without having to worry about streaming, bandwidth or connectivity issues,” according to Xbox head Phil Spencer.

The Xbox Game Pass offers a wide range of providers unlike that of EA Access. The providers included are Namco, Capcom, WB Games, 2K Games, Bethesda Softworks and the Xbox Game Studios’ board games.


High-quality PC Games

You can expect the best games in the industry to be available in the Xbox Game Pass. Also, each month there will be new games made available to play.

Made for PC

For the first time, there will be an extensive library of games available for the PC and new games from Xbox Game Studios on the day of its launch.

Connect and Play

The Ultimate Pass is a combination of the Xbox Live Gold Membership and the Game Pass available for $12.99 per month. This would include an extensive game library, multiplayer access and the Xbox Games with Gold available monthly.


Xbox One / PC Games List

The game library will have Xbox One games as well as some Xbox 360 and Xbox games that are backward compatible.

As long as the games are available in the library, subscribers are able to download and install it on their PC or console to play.

Offline play is also available but consoles should occasionally connect online to verify the active subscription.

Games will be available with a 20% discount and anything related to the game is available at a 10% discount.

The discount will only be available for a specific game. Unlike with EA Access where the 10% subscriber discount is available for all the games published by EA.

In case the game is removed from the subscription library or perhaps the subscription is canceled, the full game must be purchased or the subscription must be renewed. The progress that you gained however will still be available.

If the game being played is an Xbox 360 title, it is backward compatible and can be played on the Xbox One if the full game is purchased.

The Xbox Game Pass comes with something for everyone.




Starting next week, the price for the Xbox Game Pass for PC will increase.

During the subscription’s beta phase, the service was only for $3.99 per month. Outside of the beta, the subscription will now be $9.99 which is the same price as the console subscription. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate monthly cost will still be the same.

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