Xbox Game Pass Week 48 Quests and Rewards

December 4, 2021 at 6:57 PM in Gaming News with no comments

It is Week 48 for the Quests of Xbox Game Pass subscribers, and we have the list of what you need to do as well as the rewards that it entails.

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Great rewards await Xbox Game Pass subscribers by completing a handful of tasks before December 6th. Those who finish the tasks can earn up to 10 Microsoft Points.


Xbox Game Pass Quests Week 48 2021

  • Titanfall 2: Gain 15 Net Worth and get rewarded with 50 Points
  • Marve’s Avengers: Play the game and get rewarded with 25 Points
  • Customize: Play three different Xbox Game Pass games or unlock three achievements and get rewarded with 10 Points.
  • Earn Achievement: Play any Xbox Game Pass games and earn an achievement to get rewarded with 10 points.
  • Daily Quests: Finish four Xbox Game Pass daily quests and get rewarded with 10 points.

After finishing the quests, submit them to get the points.

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